Operation Divisions



  • All fiscal operations and records management of the Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Office
  • Execute Judicial Sales of both movable and immovable property

    Sales occur every Wednesday morning (excluding holidays) @ 10:00 a.m.  at the principal front door of the Sabine Parish Courthouse 400 S. Capitol St Many, LA   71449.

     Specific information pertaining to Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Office sales may be found in the Sabine Index  every Wednesday.

  • Collect and disburse all traffic tickets and court costs issued in Sabine Parish
  • Serve Jury Summons, citations, summons, and subpoenas from not only the 11th Judicial District, but from across the United States. 
  • Collect Parish Property Tax and disburse the money to various taxing agencies.

The Sheriff has the additional duty as Ex-Officio Tax Collector and is responsible for collecting Parish Ad valorem taxes.

The following are frequently asked questions with answers provided:

Address changes are made through the Tax Assessor’s Office, not the Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Office. The Tax Assessor is responsible for providing the name and mailing address of all property owners each year so that tax notices can be printed and mailed by the Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Office. The Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Office cannot change the name or address listed on the Assessor’s Tax Roll. To change the mailing address for your tax notice you should contact the Sabine Parish Tax Assessor at 318-256-3482.

Does the Sheriff decide how much tax I owe?
Answer: The Sheriff does not decide how much property tax you owe. That decision is made by the Sabine Parish Tax Assessor. The Assessor’s Office is located in the Sabine Parish Courthouse but is not a part of the Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Office.

How are my taxes calculated?
Answer: Assessed values are determined by the Sabine Parish Tax Assessor’s Office. According to the Assessor, the amount of taxes owed is calculated by taking the assessed value of the property and subtracting the amount of homestead exemption if applicable. The result is then multiplied by the total millage applicable to the property as shown on your tax notice.

What is Homestead Exemption?
Answer: In the state of Louisiana, homeowners are eligible for homestead exemption of the first $75,000 of the assessed value of the home considered their permanent residence. A person can have homestead exemption on only one home. Homestead Exemptions are granted by the Tax Assessor’s Office. The Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Office cannot grant homestead exemption and cannot change the homestead exemption status for any tax account. For questions about homestead exemption, contact the Tax Assessor’s Office at (318) 256-3482.

Who is responsible for the collection of property taxes?
Answer: The Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the collection of Sabine Parish property taxes only. Each city collects their own tax. You must contact them for the amount due.

What if I have a mortgage on my property, my mortgage company is collecting money each month, and putting it into an escrow account to pay my taxes; however, they have not paid it by December 31st? Do I need to pay the tax before contacting my mortgage company in order to protect my property?
Answer: It is recommended that you contact your mortgage company and ask why they have not paid the tax before you make a payment. The Sabine Parish Tax Assessor’s Office accepts and posts the first payment we receive. If you pay first and the mortgage company later mails a payment for your tax account we will have to send the mortgage company their money back. You will be responsible for getting your money back from the mortgage company; which, in many instances is very difficult. If this situation occurs, the Sabine Parish Tax Assessor’s Office will not reverse this transaction and will not refund the payment to you.

Sabine Parish property taxes may be paid by the following means:

    • Person. Payment must be made at the Tax Department located in the Sabine Parish Courthouse, 400 S. Capitol St Many, LA 71449, Monday – Friday 8:00 AM-4:30 PM. Payment may be made with cash, check, cashiers check, money order or credit card. Multiple checks for payment of one assessment will no longer be accepted; all checks will be returned. Personal or business checks will not be accepted for payments after the close of business on the last day of March each tax year.
    • Mail. You may mail your tax payment to the Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Office, PO Box 1440 Many, LA 71449. Taxes must be received by December 31, to avoid interest and penalties.
    • Online. You may use your credit card www.sabineparishsheriff.com
    • Telephone with your credit card by calling 318-256-5651.

Do you accept partial payment? 
Answer: No, all payments must be paid in full.

When is the deadline to pay my taxes?
Answer: Current-year taxes become delinquent at the close of business on December 31st of that year. After this date, delinquent taxes are assessed at a rate of one percent interest per month or any part of a month.

What happens if I do not pay my property taxes?
Answer: The property will be sold at a Tax Sale to satisfy the tax debt.

What is a Tax Sale? What happens to a property if it is sold at Tax Sale? Can I get my property back?
Answer: A Tax Sale is a public auction conducted annually by the Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Office wherein properties with unpaid taxes are sold to satisfy the tax debt. By Louisiana State Law the Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Office must conduct the tax sale to collect the balance of the current year taxes owed to Sabine Parish governmental entities. The Tax Sale is conducted annually at the Sabine Parish Courthouse normally during the month of May. After purchasing a property at the Tax Sale, the Tax Sale Buyer receives a Tax Sale Certificate (Tax Deed) from the Sheriff which transfers certain ownership rights and interest in the property, subject to the redemption rights of the original owner. The original owner of property sold at tax sale has three (3) years to “redeem” the property from the date the Tax Sale Certificate is recorded in the Clerk of Court’s Office. During the three year time period, the property can be redeemed by contacting the Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Office Tax Department and requesting a redemption amount. A redemption amount will be calculated and provided to the original owner. The redemption amount will include a redemption fee, a tax sale fee, interest due to the Tax Buyer, and the base taxes and monthly interest. Upon payment of the redemption amount the Tax Buyer is reimbursed by the Sheriff’s Office and a Certificate of Redemption is recorded in the Clerk of Court’s Office.

Who can I contact to see if my property has taxes owed?
Answer: You can contact the Tax Department at the Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Office at (318) 256-5651 for any questions regarding taxes on your property or to check the amount owed on this web site.