Inmate’s Trust Fund Accounts

The following are different ways to deposit funds to an Inmate’s Trust Fund Account.

1. Credit/Debit Card Deposits: Go online to  and follow the online instructions. A valid credit or debit card is required. Once the depositor receives a successful transaction receipt, the money is available to the Inmate. (Credit Card processing/service charges apply based on the amount of the deposit and will be added to the total amount of the transaction. (Example:  $10.00 deposit = $2.25 service charge = $12.25 charge to the credit card and the inmate will receive $10.00.

2. Cash Deposits: Go online to and click the orange “deposit cash” icon on the right hand side of the screen.  Follow the steps to locate the resident who will be receiving the money you want to deposit. Once all the location steps are complete, there will be a page that you print or copy the information from. Print or copy the information. You will need this information at the retail location. Click the blue link and it will provide a map and a search bar for you to enter your address and then it will indicate the participating retailers with a blue icon. Visit the retailer of your choice and provide them with the information that you printed or copied. There will be a small handling charge added to the amount you want to deposit. Once the transaction is complete and you are given a receipt. the money will be posted to the resident’s account within one hour.

Sabine Parish-Men-Facility ID #1030

1. Make Cash Deposits For Your Loved One. Funds are available for use within one hour. Go to and click on the orange “Deposit Cash” to get started.

Follow all steps for identifying your loved one to get a deposit location near you.